The Burgtheater is one of the most prominent theaters in Europe.

The set is minimalistic, and it is based only on video and floating cabins / boards that move around the space and stage. The play takes place between those cells. In fact, the whole defined environment is a projection which moves, follows and re-creates itself in each of the various compositions of the cabins through the space.

At times I used the material's transparency, and at times I made it opaque. It provided me with control over which characters will be seen through the space at any given moment. I worked with brilliant content professionals, and they managed to create a perfect consistency between the movement of the boards through space and the content of the video design.

At times characters enter the cabins and connect with the video content. In other times, the video is wrapped around them.

The play is conducted in three languages, and the translation itself becomes a part of the video artwork, as the text changes its' location according to the mise-en-scene and design composition.


Creators and participants:

Regie: Itay Tiran 
Bühne: Florian Etti 
Kostüme: Su Sigmund 
Musik: Nadav Barnea 
Video: Yoav Cohen 
Licht: Nadav Barnea 
Dramaturgie: Alexander Kerlin 
Übersetzung Arabisch: Jalal Altawil 
Übersetzung Hebräisch: Eli Bijaoui 
Übersetzung Englisch: Linda Gaboriau 
Übersetzung Deutsch: Uli Menke
Wahida: Deleila Piasko 
Eitan Zimmermann: Jan Bülow 
David, Sein Vater: Markus Scheumann 
Norah, Seine Mutter: Sabine Haupt 
Etgar, Sein Grossvate: Eli Gorenstein 
Leah Kimhi, Seine Grossmutte: Salwa Nakkara 
Al-hasan Al Wazzan: Yousef Sweid 
Eden, Eine Soldatin Nadine Quittner

ברמה האישית לעבוד במקום כמו burtheatre עם איתי טיראן שביים ונדב ברנאה שעיצב את התאורה והמוסיקה הייתה חוויה מקסימה.

כיף לעבוד במקום כל כך מקצועי, שההתייחסות בו ליצירה היא כל כך מוקפדת ומדוייקת. המחזה העמוק בעל הרבדים הרוחניים והפוליטים לקח את כולנו למסע של חשבון נפש היסטורי ותרבותי.  

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