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Tower of David


Permanent Exhibition

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​My role as creative director was to tell the story of Jerusalem through digital means such as animated films, interactive apps, games, special projections and immersive spaces. My greatest asset at the museum is the creative team I led. The team included artists, directors, screenwriters, animators and programmers. Thanks to them we were able to tell the story of the city in a unique way and together to turned the museum into one immersive experience. One of the biggest challenges was to maintain the tension between free, artistic and innovative creation to historical and archaeological accuracy. Beyond that, the Tower of David has a wide variety of visitors. In order to create a broad experience that will allow each and every one in the audience to find his connection to the story, we chose to use diverse means. The technology was chosen specifically for the content and designed so that the objects feel magical. Throughout the entire museum we maintained a complete design line, with the aim of creating a connection between the different stories so that together they become one complete story of a visit in the museum.

Museum CEO: Eilat Lieber
Exhibition curator: Tal Kobo
The digital media producer: Sharon Nathan Zoref
Project manager: Dror Leiba
Museum staff: Yael Brandt, Inbal Shimon, Reut Kozak, Ravit Nanner-Soriano, Rose Ginosar, Caroline Shafiri, Eli Ilan and Neta Heller
Kimmel Eshkolot Architects
Multimedia consultant: Eli Gefen
Space design: Studio De Lange
Graphic design: Studio Kfir Malka

:Digital media development
Studio Potemkin
Amit Hai Cohen
Studio Camel
Shortcut Playground - Creative House
Bridgit Folman Films Gang
Dov Abramson Studio
Maor Gillerman
Elazar Mack
Studio Grossman TV
Lior Arditi
Studio Glikscom
Studio Nuance
Moviet productions
Yair Moss
Bassline Sound Design

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