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Be'er Sheva Theater 2018

The Effect

A play written by British playwright Lucy Prebble. Director Kfir Azulay took full advantage of all opportunities for composition and direction, making excellent use of the stage skillfully designed by Svetlana Berger. 


Before we even began planning, filming and designing the video content, we faced several unique challenges: a constantly moving stage, video-mapping that required readjustment at every scene, projecting onto transparent material and the fact that the entire surface was also a light fixture. We succeeded in overcoming these challenges by putting two overlapping projectors at the back of the audience. Then, using Resolume, we created a unique direction for each scene.


By: Lucy Prebble

Direction: Kfir Azulay

After Effect: Adam Ben Ami

Set and Costume design: Svetlana Berger

Lighting: Ziv Volushin

Music: Elad Eder

Tap Dancing Choreography: Michal Shai

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