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Ashdod Museum 2017

Portrait of a City

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Over the course of two years, 3,000 Ashdod residents (most of them children and teenagers) created a “self-portrait” using objects they felt represented them. Each of the donated objects was packed into a transparent 15x15 cm Perspex cube. This turned them into “ready-made” packages, thereby transforming them from their original usage into elements in a museum exhibit.


Using the cubes, I created an installation divided into five spaces. Each space depicted various situations unique to the city. In the first space, representing the concept of "Demonstration", the various cubes were laid out in a sporadic yet organized manner. In the second space, representing “A Holiday Dinner Table", the cubes were laid out in a circle like a dinner table and different textures of tablecloths were projected onto them. In the third space, representing "Union", the cubes were piled in the form of a large container. The fourth space, representing “Social Media Posts”, had its cubes hanging on the wall in grid format. In the final space, representing “Color Red" (an anti-missile alert), the cubes were pinned to the wall, as if in a bomb shelter. A stopwatch set to 45 seconds was projected onto the wall beside them, the amount of time one has to reach a bomb shelter in Ashdod following the activation of a missile alert.



Ashdod museum

The Artist Daniel Shoshan

The Artist Amit Matalon

Pro AV: Yaniv Levi

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