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Dusseldorf Schauspielhaus Germany 2015


A play written by Hanoch Levin and translated into German. The stage was divided into 20 parts that separated from one another during the performance. Three display screens surrounded the stage like an arena. The screens changed location throughout the performance and the video display followed their movements in precise synchronization.


We filmed the video content in Jericho, in the desert and in Tel Aviv. We used the edges of the Israeli landscape to blur out existing borders and give definition to invisible ones. 


The video ran throughout the duration of performance, creating an environment both emotional and uninformative. For example, the edges of the body blended into the edges of the earth, landscapes changed into a humanless texture and shawarma on the spit became the horizon during sunset.


Translation: Matthias Neumann

Song translation: Avishai Milstein

Director: Dedi Baron

Choreography: Florian Etti

Costumes: Kirsten Dephoff

Music: Bojan Vuletic

Lighting: Konstantin Svenson

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