Print Screen

New Media Festival



Print Screen: New media festival, 2019.

An interactive new media work. Round screen, depth sensors, sound, software.

The work aspires to challenge the "eternal flame" ritual in the digital-virtual era of databases, open-source code and AI. If we stop streaming data in the veins of the network, will it cease to exist?

The work is generative and occurs on a single 2.5 meters diameter LED ball, surrounded by depth cameras. From the moment the "Noosphera" is stationed, it is constantly dying, constantly perishing. In order to preserve the "eternal flame", the Noosphera demands human presence to revive it, to create the ritual around it and feed it with new data and information. Each of the visitors in the space around the ball gives and time and a place to keep the flame alive, throws another stick in the fire.

Noosphera is a collective awareness, which stems from human interactions. It grows towards a bigger integration, which ends in pure singularity.


A fun, quick project. It's so rewarding to see people interacting with the work, playing, dancing and enjoying our meticulously built mechanism.



Curator: Dr. Liran Zemelson

Co-creator and touchdesigner programmer: Ronen Tanhum

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