The Israeli Opera



Salome is the stepdaughter of Herod Antipater. The story, which appears briefly in the New Testament, was the basis of Oscar Wilde's psychologistic- erotic drama, whose characters are driven by an obsession on which they pay the highest price. Richard Strauss uses melodic music and harmony to display the psychological struggle between the characters.

The wonder in the face of the moon repeats itself during the libretto, as the moon is a mystical force which changes the occurrences on stage. We chose to take the moon element and place it central-stage, as if it were lying in a digital ambush, lurking and control the dark dystopian world of the characters, as a form of religious ritual.

We divided the dozens of different video plays to those that represent each of the main characters in the opera. Herod's control was represented on the "moon" as a black and thick trend. Jochanaan was represented as a light, cold energy that splits the shell of Herod, and Salome as the heat of a sun which burns the world. During the opera, the ball responds to the singing of the characters and their touch, and occasionally it starts stage developments. The characters worship it and fear it.

We did not want the call to be identified as a LED ball, but as a living, organic material. To that end, we created the ball in 3D. Creating round format content for a sphere was complicated. We managed to crack it with the help of Yashinski studio. We created the content with maya blender after effects and mapped it to stage with 3D.


The first challenge was creating the ball physically. After various feasibility checks we decided to create a 2.75 diameter, half a ton LED ball. A Chinese company created the ball for us, which was compounded of more than a million LED balls. After three months of manufacturing, the ball was shipped to Israel and compounded at the Opera by pro-led.


Conductor: Dan Ettinger

Director: Itay Tiran

Chorographer: Renana Raz

Set designer: Eran Atzmon

Costume designer: Orna Smorgonsky

Lighting designer: Avi Yona Bueno (Bambi) 


Salome: Elizabeth Strid, Merav Barnea

Jochanaan: Daniel Sumgy

Sebastian Holcheck

Herod: Chris Merritt,Hubert Francis

Herodias: Edna Fruhnik, Idit Zamir

Narraboth: Robert McPherson, Ethan Drury

Salome's maid: Shay Bloch

First Jew: Joseph Aridan

 Second Jew: Christian Storm

Third Jew: Anthony Webb

Fourth Jew: Alsdir Elliot

Fifth Jew: Yair Polyshock

Vladimir Brown

Second Soldier: Noah Briger

First Nazareth Man: Yuri Kissin

Second Nazareth Man: Adrian Dwyer

A man from Cappadocia: Yuri Kissin

Servant: Asher Segev


The Opera Orchestra: The Israeli Symphony Orchestra Rishon Le-Zion


Dancers: Elegress Light | Itay Bibs | Ido Barak | Harel Gerzotis | Samuel Halfon | Nitai Yoren | Micah Amos | Matthew Casein


Translation: Israel Oval

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