Cameri Theater

A classic play like "Electra" is a complicated challenge for an innovative creator. Thanks to Kfir Azulay who directed the show, we cracked a language in which the video was used as a multiplication of the physical space, except in a different timeline, less conscious and more fantastic.

Polina created a triangular stage with a room which is revealed by a perforated iron roll-up door. I used the door like "tulle" fabric: sometime I screened on the door, and sometimes a picture took place inside the room, and could be seen through the perforated door.

The interesting illusion of the show happened when we projected on the door the same inner space that it hid. In that way, we created dark and fantastic moments like past flashbacks of events that took place in the same room.

The video was in synced with the singing of the choir, creating breathing spaces in the show. Like the choir's role in the tragedy, the video also created an objective outside picture, but states an opinion as well, in order to help the crowd take a stance.




By: Sophocles

Director: Kfir Azulay

Original music: Eldad Lidor

Set and lighting: Polina Admov

Artistic collaboration: Keren Garnek

Participants: Ola Shor-Selecter,

Helena Yarlova, Gloria Bass, Udi Rotschild,

Yossi Kanz, Yigal Zacks,

Dana Vishinsky, Rotem Danon,

Mona Markowitz- Mor, Liat Stern

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