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The City's Portrait

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In the scope of two years, 3000 of the city residents, mostly children and teenagers, created a personal portrait in the form of an object which represents them. The object was packed inside a 15X15cm Perspex cube- an ideal size for a "ready-made" package. That is, the original object changed its' original usage and became a part of a museum exhibition.

Five spaces depicted various special situations in the city of Ashdod. One space, which represented the concept "demonstration", contained cubes with objects in a sporadic yet organized manner. A second space represented "holiday dinner table" and the cubes there were set in the form of a circle, as the top of the table was lit in various map textures. A third space represented "union" and the boxes there were piled in the form of a big chest. The forth space represented (online) post, and the cubes there were hanged on the wall in a tidy grid form. The last space represented the concept "red color" (an anti- missile alert). The cubes were pinned to the wall, as if they were in a bomb shelter, and the wall displayed a 45 seconds stopwatch: the timespan one has to reach a bomb shelter in Ashdod after a missile alert is activated.


Affiliates and Initiators:

Ashdod museum

Artist Daniel Shoshan

Artist Amit Matalon

Pro av Yaniv

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