Complex 1000
Visitor Center

Rishon LeTsiyon 2020

The Complex 1000 Visitor Center was a challenging, precision-based project combining 3D video-mapping with interactive screens for a 3D model of an innovative residential-commercial complex. The goal was to project the video precisely onto the real estate model, consisting of more than 230 3D-printed units, so that it would settle in an exact manner. 


A particular challenge was integrating the various focal points into one video so as to transfer the complex content simply, together with the 3D platform and interactive screens.


The touch screens allowed us to develop an interactive application, which enabled visitors to consume the information in a non-linear way and independently explore the model in accordance with the video content.


Conductor: Dan Ettinger

Director: Itay Tiran

Chorographer: Renana Raz

Set designer: Eran Atzmon

Costume designer: Orna Smorgonsky

Lighting designer: Avi Yona Bueno (Bambi) 

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