Print Screen Festival


Print Screen Festival, Holon

An interactive work combining video art, choreography, and programming.

A glass wall stands in the middle of the dark room space. 

The observer moves closer and sees his anonymous figure. His movements are burnt in the glass wall and disappear from it. The wall offers anonymous encounters with other figures who spent time in that place. For a moment, in front of the viewer, a dance- encounter between to figures who never met is created.

Through this installation we presented in Madatech Holon, we wanted to raise questions about the lives that our memories live inside the world wide web. What happens to our memories as they float through this infinite space? How do we fish them out? And what happens when a memory meets someone else's memory online? By interactive activity, the audience immersed pieces of their bodies in the virtual space, and observed those physical memories as they became a part of a massive pool of memories.

Computer work, on a projector, Kinect cameras and a hologrammatic screen.


Head Curator: Dr. Lior Zemelson

Programming: Roei Kramer

Choreography: Maya Briner

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