Beersheba Theater


A Midsummer Night's Sex Comedy

We were very glad when Woody Allen let us turn his script into a play. Shahar Segal took the reins, and with Yaron Brovinksy and Muli Shulman made the show an unrealistic, wild comedy.

Neta Haker created a laser-cut based stage, which was created like tissue inside the hard wood material and gave the stage a light flair. I used the same elements to rebuilt the stage in screening so that the videomapping could interact and place itself exactly on stage.

The play is about stories folded one into another like an accordion in an almost legendary environment. I decided to created a kind of video "maquette" inside the set. The video is compounded of many layers. The layers cast shadows on each other, and the characters (filmed and on-stage) enter them. It was important to me to create moments when the actors directly interact with the video in order to bind the two worlds to one whole.

By: Woody Allen

Director: Shahar Segal

Translation and stage adaptation: Yaron Brovinksy and Muli Shulman

Set and costume design: Neta Haker

Lighting: Felice Ross

Music: Dori Parnas

Video Art: Yoav Cohen


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