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Burgtheater Austria 2019


Burgtheater is one of Europe’s most important theaters. The set of Vogel was minimalistic, just video and panels floating throughout the space of the stage. It was between these panels that the performance took place. The panels onstage acted as the screen onto which the video was projected. Each time the panels moved, creating a new composition, the video moved in accordance with them.  


I sometimes took advantage of the transparency of the material and sometimes made it opaque. This allowed me to control which characters could be seen, or not seen, at any given moment. I worked alongside brilliant content professionals who managed to create perfect harmony between the panels floating throughout the space and the design content of the video.

The characters sometimes entered the panels and interacted with the video content. Other times, they were surrounded by the video. The performance was in three different languages and the translation itself became part of the video art, in that the text changed its location according to the mise-en-scène and design composition.



Director: Itay Tiran
Stage Design: Florian Etti
Costume Design: Su Sigmund
Music: Nadav Barnea
Light: Nadav Barnea
Dramaturgy: Alexander Kerlin

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