Grand Rex Paris



Baharati 2 was a very special project for me. 

I worked on it for about 6 months. During that period, I embarked on a two months journey to India to shoot the materials.

The show is actually a multi-participant musical that includes dozens of dancers and singers, and tells a modern mythological Indian story. I made the complicated post- production in cooperation with Omri Grossman. The production included 120 minutes of well-timed video, displayed on massive LED screens and was the main set of the performance.

The unique thing about the show was its' size and the absolute use of video. In fact, other than very few items on stage, there was no set. The entire back of the stage was made of video-displayed locations, created to build an environment and tell a story. The stage and the screen became one.

The premier was in Paris, and then the show continued to perform in Austria, Belgium, Switzerland, Canada and more. 


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