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Grand Rex Paris 2016

Bharati 02

Bharati 02 was a very special project for me. I worked on it for about 6 months, traveling to India for two months to film the raw material. The complex post-production was done in cooperation with Omri Grossman. 


The performance, which included dozens of dancers and singers, was essentially a multi-participant musical telling a modern mythological Indian story. The production comprised 120 minutes of well-timed video, displayed on massive LED screens serving as the main set of the performance.


What made this performance unique was its size and absolute use of video. In fact, save for a few select elements, there was no set on stage. The entire backdrop of the stage was made from video-display locales, intended to create an environment which tells a story. Through this, the stage and screen became one.


The premier took place in Paris and the performance continued on to Austria, Belgium, Switzerland, Canada and other countries.


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