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Be'er Sheva Theater 2016

A Midsummer Night's Sex Comedy

We were delighted when Woody Allen allowed us to turn his script into a play. Shahar Segal took the reins and together with Yaron Brovinsky and Muli Shulman turned this play into a wild, far-fetched comedy.  


Neta Haker created a laser-cut stage which looked like embroidery within a hard wood texture, offering the stage a lighter feel. I used the same element to reconstruct the stage during screening so that the video-mapping could interact with the stage and settle itself precisely upon it. 

The play tells stories that fold one into one another like an accordion, in an environment that feels almost like a fairy-tale. I decided to create a kind of video maquette inside the set. The video was composed of many layers of paper casting shadows on each other, into which the characters themselves (both filmed and onstage) entered. I felt it was important to create moments in which the actors interacted directly with the video so as to connect the two separate worlds into one whole.


By: Woody Allen

Director: Shahar Segal

Translation and stage adaptation: Yaron Brovinsky and Muli Shulman

Set and costume design: Neta Haker

Lighting: Felice Ross

Music: Dori Parnas

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